Steve Munsey

Steve Munsey’s “Jesus of Nazareth”

About Steve munsey

Steve Munsey and his wife, Melodye, are the senior pastors at the Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana. With their dedicated leadership, they have grown the congregation to over fifteen thousand members, through a dedication to the community and teaching the Word of Jesus Christ.

Steve’s Storytime

A charismatic preacher, Steve fuses the arts of preaching and storytelling to deliver bible stories and lessons taught in the Bible in a unique style that many call “StoryTime.” In a multimedia-rich world where movies and entertainment spectacles are commonplace, the burden is on the preacher to take the dusty words of the Bible and revitalize them in a way that a sight and sound generation can engage with. Steve believes that while the message of Jesus Christ remains the same, our methods should be evolving. Steve Munsey used his creative talents to write and direct Passion dramas and theatrical productions such as JON /Jesus of Nazareth, which have been seen by hundreds of thousands across the nation.

 Production in faith

Steve and Melodye have also brought their creative innovation into the music arts within the church. They lead a diverse choir with a full band that allows them to integrate live music into the many productions that they do. Many people are impacted by the energetic, passionate worship of this Worship Arts team that kicks off every service at Family Christian Center. With this new and engaging method of sharing the gospel, thousands of believers join the volunteer army of thousands to support the production. For this reason, Steve and Melodye founded Refuge Productions Inc., a non-profit whose purpose is to use performing arts to create a broader spectrum and cultural experience in the community.

The group’s activities are two-fold. The first is to provide an opportunity for these thousands of would-be volunteers, organizing them into cast members, set designers, makeup artists, wardrobe, etc. The second is to organize the technical expertise necessary to put on grand productions like Jesus of Nazareth so that the audience can be fully transported to biblical times and experience the lessons and trials of Jesus Christ like never before.

Just as the Bible is a living text that remains inexorably relevant, Steve updates the production annually, adding and subtracting from the script, revising the technical effects, updating the musical elements, etc. He leads his enormous casts through weeks of rehearsals, which are all organized by Refuge Productions. Other regularly staged productions include Scrooge and Choices.

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